This is the coastline of the Dodge Them All City Build server a few months back. Today, it has quite a few more buildings but does not match the beaty of the server in its younger days as a private server.

As seen here, the majestic airport on our server is and has been under construction for a considerable amount of time. It stands as one of the largest and most complex projects I have ever worked on, requiring room planning and ethics as to how a real airport would function.

This shot is our recreation of the World Trade Center Memorial in New York, USA. Our members have always had this in mind as we build large cities, and the event of 9/11 is tragic enough to dedicate a part of our world to it.

The reflecting pool in the WTC Memorial is one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed on the server. It stands next to a forest of trees, and shows just how expansive the original complex was.

The second largest bridge in the city crosses the highway over to the recreation district from the business and residential areas. Ever since its construction, there has been fascination over its unethical beauty. You can take nearly 20 shots of the bridge from different angles, and still see a different bridge every time.

This small bridge and river shows just how much detail went into the planning of the city. Most of the rivers and roads were mapped out on charts before their construction, and were built by our lead civil engineer, Soccerpro123. His planning was invaluable to the creativity that has went into the construction of road conforming structures and subways.

Deepshore's airport has a very complex vehicle scanning grid that was expertly designed by the engineers on our server. The road that comes through here feeds directly from our main highway system and into the airport shipping areas, greedily decreasing the time it takes for industrial and commercial goods to be transported.

Steven, the Director of Operations, likes to take and edit pictures in his spare time to try and improve recording creativity. Some of his projects lead him to make pictures where he stars as both as host and special guest.

This is one of the most incredible pictures that Dodge Them All has been able to use. Originally ordered by Francis Racicot on the original Sinking Simulator project, it has served as a commitment to the creation of the game and how it can improve. There has been some discussion if it should be sold as a poster, but as of now is just a great representation of an even better game.

This is Steven's official portrait, created by himself in early September of 2014. He takes much pride in the photo, but sometimes wonders if he is starting to appear like the Mona Lisa. Is he smiling? Is he mocking you?

The Dodge Them All Logo, officialized in May of 2014, has stood as our official representing peice to serve all areas of Dodge Them All. Whether it be Development Studios, YouTube, or Servers, the logo is iconically recognized as a symbol of our pride.