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Discussion in 'Hub Discussion' started by andrew freebern, Feb 8, 2015.

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    Once upon a time i played on Dodge them All at least 4 times a week for multiple hours, sometimes i would even be on every day,
    And all the time people picked on me, messing with my houses, giving me bad fortune, blowing me up for no reason at all.
    Then One day i unplugged my internet to exchange internet box thingy's and my internet stops working for a whole week.
    And Guess what happens then, The WHOLE Server goes into chaos, many people quit, and shut it down forever, and just to think
    I was the one who was picked on like a nobody. How weird is that people? the one that is seemed needed the least, is the one who held
    together the whole community. I was friends with people on both sides of good and evil, rich and poor, flying space robots and talking tacos,
    i helped solve fights, gave to the poor, bought unneeded castles and mansions from my friend Stardust0123, and mined like it was my life, i was the connecting piece of the DTA server between all parts of it, i was the one who invited star23039 who then became director before i ranked up once, and when i left for 7 quick days, the puzzle fell apart, then stardust0123, star23039, BrentMCGaming, CoMeDyDuDe619, morvenbee, and others just quit. Then now, we have no contact with each other because i lack Skype, and most of the server affiliated with DTA have been shutdown or whitelisted, and by most i mean ALL TWO OF THEM :L , Whelp thats my story people, on how the center puzzle piece caused a great downfall in this wonderful server community.
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    Hi! Can you tell me the server ip? I lost it
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    is there a server? if so what is the IP?

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