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Dodge Them All provides the everyday service of Logical Entertainment to over 7 thousand people every day. We focus on creating video content in a contemporary comedy style, while also maintaining a family friendly and interactive culture with our subscribers.

Who We Are

Steven MarkateriosSteven Markaterios - Director of Operations

"Sometimes it feels like I have to manage 15 guests at a time, even though we have 70 trained operators!"

Aleksandr Markaterios - Chief Financial Officer

"Can I has potato?"

I have never done any work with HTML before, so I apologize if this site seems to be a little odd. I promise that in the future I will add something different than just some random text and images to accomplish my goals.

Here is a link to my favorite website! It is made by some people that I work with that know a lot more about how to make websites than I do. Please check it out!